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Stunning Empire Coffee Pots for sale

Both of these vintage coffee pots are for sale in the yay retro! china shop right now...Which is your favourite pattern? Is it Empire's Eclipse on the left, or Checkmate on the right?

The Eclipse pattern is very vibrant with red, yellow and black semi circles. This pattern is not often seen, especially in this amazing condition. You might like to know that we have cups, saucers, a jug and sugar bowl in this pattern too. The saucers and lid are a glossy black with this design.

Empire's Checkmate is deep grey and orange triangles, put together to make diamond shapes.  The saucers and lid are a matte chocolate colour. We sold the cups, saucers, jug and sugar bowl in just days, so popular is this design. 

These coffee pots are beautifully shaped and ornamental, why use them for coffee when you can simply look and admire them?! Take a peek at what we have from Empire here.
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