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Tea & Coffee Pots from yay retro!

The clocks go back tonight, and the seasons are on the change (though here in The New Forest we've had a very warm, balmy week!) Autumn brings to mind warm nights in with a nice brew whether it be tea, coffee or a chilly night fav, hot chocolate...So, what to put all these comforting drinks in retro-wise?

Here's our current favourite selection of vintage tea and coffee pots from the yay retro! shelves.  This pretty chrome teapot has a fab curvy, slimline shape and a nifty handle covered with bakelite (?)  in stripes.

Need something that makes you feel extra happy during the dark winter months? Having been designed in Norway where temperatures can go as low as -40c and daylight hours are few in the Winter, it's no surprise that makers such as Figgjo Flint came up with such positive upbeat designs, to bring some light and cheer into their homes! We adore their Daisy pattern, and are happy to say we have a whole set in stock including a coffee / hot chocolate/ tea pot!

We love this very stylish 1950/60s Pyrex coffee jug, it has the cup measurements up the side and star patterns in gold. Very understated and chic, it's the perfect way to have a vintage evening in.

This is a wonderfully tall sleek early Empire ceramic jug has a vacuum flask inside - quite possibly one of the first vacuum flasks - use it or just look and admire! Why not look out for one of our stylish 50s tea and coffee sets to go with this!

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