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Vintage Christmas Presents for Men

Men are so tricky to buy for aren't they? My yay! likes all things computing or things that go very fast, but happily he also likes vintage, so I can normally find something he'll appreciate (recently I bought him a Poole Pottery ashtray to use on his desk as a pen and paper clip holder). on to the men in your lives...what to buy them for birthdays or Christmas? Fear is the yay retro! top 5 retro men gifts!

1. Beetleware Plastic Cruet Set for Camper or Caravan Man - It's fab, 50s and comes in its own little triangular basket which is decorated with yellow wire wicker and an animal fur print - schmazing! Check out our range of Gaydon melamine too!

2. Irish Coffee Warming Set - Men love gadgets, and this one is just pure 70s!  A little paraffin lamp warms the whisky and coffee in it's glass using the special glass holder - this set is still in it's box!

3. Retro Fishes for the fisherman or fish lover in your life - From mosaic fish made from vintage china, to a fifties fishy nibbles dish for his nobby's nuts!

4. Vintage TV Pen Holder - This stocking filler of a pressie is ideal for the vintage tele addict in your life!

5. For the stylish coffee drinking man...we have a stunning Poole Pottery Black Pebble set from 1959 this is something very special indeed and is sure to be appreciated by the discerning man in your life :O)

There are so many gift ideas at yay retro!, it might be worth you popping in for a browse! Click here to dive in!

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