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Large Atomic Glass Platter - Could it be Chance Glass?

We recently got a hold of this amazing Atomic glass platter, it is absolutely beautiful and made us think of Chance Glass, however we weren't at all sure it was, and so got in touch with David of Cortex Design - an expert in all things Chance. In no time at all he kindly emailed back with lots of information...the main thing being it wasn't made by Chance, but could have been manufactured in Holland or Germany by Flamingo Halfweg (The Netherlands), Spiegelunion Flabeg (W.Germany) or VEB Olbernau (E.Germany).

David has written a book on Chance Glass (above), entitled 'Chance Expressions', and recommends it to all collectors and buyers as it can unearth the real treasures of Chance and their value. Very soon he will be releasing another book on Chance Glass called 'Chance Additions', this will also feature glassware which is 
similar to Chance, to help unravel the mystery of European glassware such as my stunning atomic plate!  

You can find and buy David's Chance Glass books from his website here, definitely worth a visit and purchase we think :O)
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