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3 Chic Christmas Present Ideas

Ooooh we are so liking the 'top shelf' of the yay retro! shop at the moment, which as I write looks like the photo above :O)  Three very chic ideas which we think would make fab Christmas presents!

Our Wyncraft and Crown Devon 1950s preserve pot looks unused, and is not only useful, but adorable to look at.

We love the set of 6 leaping deer retro shot or tot glasses, these come in their original box, and would appeal to vintage devotees, and also those who like a bit of glitz and glamour (note the sparkley antlers!)

Finally, the Holmegaard liqueur glasses are so tactile....the perfect weight and feel for a very sumptuous end to a romantic meal. They are so utterly stylish, they'd look fab as ornaments too.

yay retro! we've got Christmas all wrapped up!

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