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We're no 1 over at 'Your Vintage Life'!

Oooh how fab yay retro! are in the no 1 spot on "Your Vintage LIfe's Ten of the Best: Ideas to cosy up for a vintage evening in" with our very cute Poole Pottery Tea Tray for one!  What a nice way to start a Friday :O)


This lovely Poole Pottery tea tray for one was created in the 1950s and consists of a ceramic tray, a cup, a milk jug, sugar bowl and teapot (these sets do not include a saucer for the cup, as the tray acts as the saucer). The tray (which is surprisingly lightweight) has indentations in it to prevent everything moving about, and is sepia in colour, with mushroom (pinky colour) and sepia cup, saucer and jug. A Trudiana hand painted and signed teapot completes the set. If you would prefer a plain magnolia teapot, just let us know when ordering. Trudiana is one of the rarer, collectible and sought after Poole Patterns. These are hand painted and signed, Trudiana is a calligraphic design style, developed by Truda Carter for Poole.

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