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Three similar green glazes to confuse from Poole Pottery!

There are several green glazes that were made by Poole Pottery, which as you can in the photos look very similar, however they are definitely different.  The green on the left is numbered C96 which is the Twintone glaze ice green and mushroom. This was produced from 1953 - 65 and is sought after as it is a very pretty combination.

The green on the right is C67, celadon and seagull.  This is a gorgeous pre-war colour way which was in production from 1938. As you can see the colours, are a little tricky to tell apart, especially as people are used to finding ice green and seagull C57 (pictured below).  

So how can you tell which is which? An easy way to tell the difference it that the china is very much thinner and finer in the pre war C67 set, the glaze is also very rich and deep in colour. Finally the pre-war pottery has a very shiny finish, where the post war is matte.

We love Poole Pottery and are very keen collectors of the Twintone tableware. Why not have a peek in the yay retro! shop now for the Poole we currently have for sale? This includes both C101 and the rarer C84.
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