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Why are Beryl tea cups so nice?

What does Woods Berylware mean to you?  Nearly everyone recognises it, as it appeared simply everywhere in the 1940s, being one of the utility china ranges which were available during the war and post war years. 

During the 40s the government restricted the manufacture of home wares and clothing to simple low cost designs. These designs used less materials and time to create, and the more intricate designs were reserved for export. This meant that the UK could generate more income by selling the more decorative wares overseas. People in the UK were only able to buy undecorated china, or decorative seconds until the early 1950s. This is why Woods ware was seen in so many homes, and so many of us know it well. 

Designed for cheapness, durability and functionality, Woods Beryl ware has hints of Art Deco about it's design; particularly around the handle. It's colour harks back to the 1930s, when pale green played a huge role in interior design. Nowadays we see it as one of the pastel 'ice creamy colours' which have been very popular for the past few years.  This is particularly true when you pop Beryl beside it's counterpart Woods Jasmine...

With so many of us recalling our grand or great grandparents having this china, it creates a very nostalgic feeling. With it being an un-patterned design and almost ageless shape, it is perfect to use with other pieces of china, even if it is floral pieces from the 60s and 70s, or even contemporary china which is possibly why it is so popular!

You might like to check out Woods Iris ware too which is a deep pastel blue colour as seen below on this curvy milk jug :o) Click on any of the photos to see our current stock of Woods ware for sale in the yay retro! vintage china shop.

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