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Red Indian and Magnolia Twintone Poole Pottery Cups, Saucers, Jugs, Bowls and Plates

Red Indian was the first two-colour Twintone china to come from Poole after the 2nd World War. This would have been all the rage following the popularity of the rock and roll style cream and red kitchens, which began in America.

In the yay retro! shop we have a highly desirable and not often seen Red Indian and Magnolia (C95) tea set from 1953-58. This set includes 6 tea cups and saucers. This curvy streamline cup shape was in production at the Poole Potteries from the 1930's to 60's.

To match we also have a set of Magnolia Poole Pottery teaplates. These have beautiful matte finish and a pronounced rim to the plates (unlike later Twintone pottery).

Take a look at the Large Jug, Sugar & Tea Bowl set from 1953-58. The tea bowl was for the used tea leaves from the tea strainer (no teabags back then!) It could also be used as a large sugar bowl or for your used teabags. This size jug and bowls are not often seen, a great find!

All of this Poole Pottery is absolutely sumptuous we can barely let it go - snap it up whilst you can! 

Red Indian and Magnolia twintone, Poole Pottery from yay retro! for sale, collectors or replacement service

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