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Poole Pottery Blue Glazes

Poole Pottery developed a range of blue glazes, most often we find the 1950s glaze no. C104, a pastel sky blue with grey as seen above on the preserve pot and gravy boat.  However in the 1960s Poole brought out deeper blue glazes such as Blue Moon - a rich teal blue and white glaze, as seen on the cups and cruet set below.

A paler teal blue was also developed called Celeste, this we believe is what appears on the unusual and rare  Bokhara preserve pot from 1965 in the photo above.  Below we have a Poole Lucullus Stew pot, and this has the blue moon glaze to the outside. The richness of the blue moon glaze works really well with the original sky blue Poole Pottery, but also would look completely amazing alongside orange china!

Why not pop into yay retro! now for a peek at our current stock of Poole Pottery :O)

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