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Poole Pottery Coffee Pot Sizes

Poole Pottery created their Streamline lidded coffee/ hot water /milk pots from 1938 - 1966.  There are 3 sizes of pot and until very recently we had only come face to face with the two smaller ones. Right now we have the largest one in stock which is quite a substantial beast!  

The small pots were sold as hot water pots to go with tea sets, and also hot milk pots to go with the coffee sets.  The medium sized jugs were mainly for coffee, but when paired with the large coffee pot it could be used for hot milk. 

Personally, I also like to use the smallest pot as a teapot for one :o)

The pot sizes are as follows, and can be seen in the photo above: 

Small hot water / hot milk  pot 13cm tall 9cm dia.
Medium Coffee  / hot milk  pot 15cm tall, 10.5cm dia.
Large Coffee pot 19cm tall, 14.5cm dia. 

If you would like to buy a Poole Pottery coffee or lidded pot, please click here to visit the Poole Pottery section of the yay retro! shop :O)

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