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Poole Pottery Ovenproof Cooking Trays - tested!

If you love vintage home ware with fish designs, you will love these 1960s Poole Pottery oven to tableware ceramic trays. They are technically called Lucullus fish bakers, and since I don't really like to eat fish, I've never thought of what you might cook on these, if not fish....This week I thought I would test the trays out in the oven...

...and cooked some prawn nibbley bits for a quick supper with chilli sauce.  These trays are perfect for this as they have nice deep sides, and very curvy handles making it easy to take in and out of the oven.  They are so attractive, that once the food is cooked you simply leave the food in them to serve - perfect for suppers and buffets!

You could cook ciabatta, garlic bread or saute potatoes in them too.  The trays are decorated with prawns, and scallops and so are also lovely display pieces. They wash up quickly and easily, to resume looking brand new! Click the photos to take a peek in the yay retro! shop :O)

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