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What to do with a Poole Pottery Cigarette Box

Back in the day when smoking was de rigueur what people really needed was a very chic cigarette box on their coffee table. So in the 1930s, Poole Pottery designed the most minimalist, stylish and stunning box they could possibly come up with. Long and sleek with a convex lid, Poole's matte glazed cigarette boxes are in my eyes little known design classics. 

I coveted one for absolutely ages after seeing it in Anne Wilkinson's Poole Twintone and Tableware Book (my Poole bible!) Initially I managed to track down a sky blue and dove grey box. Just recently I happily came across a lime yellow and seagull version. I use mine for jewellery, but you could just as easily use it for buttons, pens, keys and any number of other bits and bobs, plus of course cigarettes!

If like me you love great design, take a look at my blue one, now for sale in the yay retro! shop

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