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Mary Berry to the rescue!

Recently I wrote about how I simply could not get a Victoria Sandwich Cake to rise, I asked for tips on Facebook, downloaded Mary Berry's Perfect Victoria Sandwich Cake recipe, and bought some new 8" cake tins with deep sides and a moveable base.

You can read about my cake making troubles by clicking here!

Today was the day I put everything to the test, as I want to take a cake round to a friend who has just come out of hospital, and of course it had to be a good one!

Here are the wonderful results, a lovely cake which has risen with homemade jam inside:

Things I have learnt from following Mary Berry's recipe and listening to others' tips:

use 8oz of  SR flour and margarine (not 6)
use 4 large eggs (not 3 medium)
use 2 tsp of baking powder (not 1.5)
use 8oz CASTER sugar (not regular sugar, or half sugar)
whisk everything together at once, but don't over whisk, once it is mixed and drops off the spoon that's enough
don't add milk to make the sponge mixture softer
use high sided tins
wait until the oven has heated up
cook at 180c fan (not 200c)
cook for 25 minutes and do not be tempted to open the door!

Have to wait until later for the taste test!
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