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Thinking sideways about Vintage Cups and Saucers

Using vintage cups and saucers for tea and coffee...yup that's an obvious one, but how about for flowers and posies? In our kitchen we have a Woods Beryl cup and saucer which belonged to my Gran.  This along with a vintage poodle ornament reminds me of her and her dog Fifi every day :O)  

Using the cup and saucer as a posy 'vase' looks great, and makes the whole arrangement prettier.

This set me onto my sideways vintage thinking, imagining a set of three Beryl cups on a window sill or shelf, each with a mini arrangement of flowers - white Chrysanthemums would be marvellous!  This would look both minimal and vintage at once - Perfection!

See what Beryl ware yay retro! has in stock here :O)
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