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Poole's Lucullus Stewpot to the test!

We've all seen Poole Pottery Lucullus Stewpots around and about, but are they any good for today's cook? These were designed by Robert Jefferson for Poole in 1962, and are labelled as oven to tableware. The pots are a teal blue colour - officially named as the Blue Moon glaze, with a lid decorated with mushrooms. They have a wonderful curvy shape - ergonomically designed to fit your over gloved hands when taking the casserole pot in and out of the oven.

We have one in stock for sale at yay retro!, and also one in our kitchen which up until now we have used as an ornament!  Today we have put our own Poole stewpot to the test...How good is a casserole made in one of these pots, and how easy is it to use in today's ovens?  

First of all we lightly browned 2 pieces of steak with an onion and carrots, we popped this in the pot with a tin of Heinz oxtail soup, an oxo cube and a little boiling water. Lid on, we put it into our fan oven at 200c for about 30 mins then turned it down to 160c....

I left the stew on low for a few hours until we were ready to eat. Towards the end of cooking I added some quartered microwaved jacket potatoes and some frozen veg and left for another 20 mins. Here is our lovely pot, fresh out of the oven with Poole dinner plates and Poole cruet set at the ready....

Looking yummy, and no mess I think the tall shape has prevented spillages and the stew boiling over (often happens to me with shallower casserole dishes)...

The pot would serve a dinner this size to 3 people very comfortably, and 4 if you cooked the potatoes separately.
What I liked about it, was when we went for seconds the pot had kept everything very hot, even at the table - great for dinner parties!

Next up, how does it wash up? On the bottom of the pot it said dishwasher proof, amazing when you consider this is from the 1960s. Normally we do not advocate putting vintage china in a dishwasher, however for the sake of this 'scientific' test we did so.  It came out very sparkly and looking as new all over again!

Interested in one of these pots? Click here :O)
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