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Poole Pottery Trudiana

One of the five patterns for Streamline tableware that Poole released in 1955 was Trudiana which involves scrolls and floral motifs in grey-blues and browns on a cream background. Trudiana was created by Ruth Pavely, working from a previous 1930's design by renowned designer Truda Carter. 

According to wikipedia, Truda joined Poole Pottery in 1921 and went on to develop a range of pottery embellishments which were influenced by the Art Deco movement and abstract modernist paintings. Truda remained Poole's resident designer until retiring in 1950.

Trudiana is one of the rarer patterns, so it is worth looking out for. Take a look in the yay retro! shop now, we have a sugar bowl, a coffee jug/teapot and hot water jug for sale.

Trudiana Coffee and Hot Water Pots from Poole Pottery. Buy online at yay retro!

These jugs pour really well, and are work just as well as teapots, the smaller is perfect for one person. We also have a matching sugar bowl in our shop, do look out for it.

From Poole's Streamline range. Trudiana is one of the rarer, collectible Poole Patterns.

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