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The Designs of Kathie Winkle at yay retro!

Kathie Winkle was the principal pattern designer for James Broadhurst and Sons Ltd from 1958 - 1978, after starting out simply as a piece painter. Her success was so great that eventually all her designs were labelled with her name. Much of her work went to be sold in catalogues such as Grattan, Littlewoods and Great Universal. 

If you love Kathie Winkle designs, it really is worth getting hold of a copy of The Designs of Kathie Winkle book by Peter Leath. Packed full of images, including the original advertising it is a real gem, helping you to identify the pattern names and get a feel for the 60s and 70s.

Right now, yay retro! have lots of fabulous condition Kathie Winkle cups, saucers, plates and dishes in stock, including the Michelle, Viscount, Olympus, Mexico and October patterns. Click the image to take a look :O)

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