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Rare War Time Rations Poole Dish for sale

yay retro! have a very interesting Poole Pottery hors d'oeuvres dish in stock at the moment. This is a rare war time version of their nibble dish, in three different colours.

The idea was to use the dish for butter rations, with each person using a different section of the tray. This is marked with an engraved Poole Pottery stamp, and 989 hand written into the china, paintresses mark: 1:1

Poole continued to produce hors d'oeuvres dishes to this design, for over 30 years. However they normally have just one colour glaze to the outside and one to the inner, typically ice green or sky blue.  This is just the thing for a devoted Poole Pottery collector, or for a museum piece.

Why not take a look around the yay retro! shop for more Poole Pottery now? Simply type 'Poole' into the search box in the shop here.

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