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Bit of an Orange week for Vintage treasure hunting!

It often seems I have weeks where everything I find has a certain hue, and this week it's the turn of 'orange' vintage treasure! Beginning with our amazing funky daisy 70s mugs (we have a matching jug and sugar pot too!) These are way too nice to sell, and yet here they are in the yay retro! shop ;o)

Then we tracked down some orange 60s/70s sundae dishes - these are heatproof, so if you can think of a recipe to cook in them you're away! Otherwise, use them for jelly and ice cream or how about a 70s prawn cocktail?

A Lord Nelson Gaytime measuring jug was our next tremendous find, in excellent condition this is another hard to let go item!

Why not have a wander around the yay retro! shop now looking for your own vintage china and kitchenalia treasures?

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