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Kathie Winkle China for Sale

Are you looking to buy gorgeous retro china from the 60s and 70s in stunning condition? Why not check out our stock of Broadhurst Kathie Winkle designs? We only buy the best items, so you can be sure the quality will be fab.

Kathie Winkle began working at the Broadhurst pottery in 1950, at first she was a piecework painter, however in 1958 she designed her first pattern called Pedro for the company. Success followed and she was soon their principal designer and each picee was labelled as a "Kathie Winkle Design', such was her following.

Nowadays people collect her work and excellent quality pieces are obviously the most sought after.  Right now we have a Viscount tea set, a Mexico Jug, some Olympus dinner plates and October tea plates, click here to view them in the yay retro! shop. Why not mix and match these fab designs?

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