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Seeing Poole Pottery in Poole - A review

Recently I decided to have a day trip to Poole to see some of this stunning pottery in it's birth place. I am a collector of Poole Twintone - ice green and sky blue, I also have a penchant for red indian & magnolia like this footed dish in the yay retro! shop now:

Before setting off on a trip to Poole it is important to know that Poole Pottery closed down in 2006. The name 'Poole' has been purchased and is being used by Denby who make vivid coloured vases etc in Stoke on Trent which bear little or no relation to the vintage Poole I sell at yay retro! and personally collect. 

First up was a trip to The Poole Pottery Museum. I was very much hoping that the museum would have an extensive collection, including the whole range of  Twintone tableware shapes. However it was disappointingly small. In the museum you can view some of the early Carter, Stabler & Adams (the original company was named after it's founders) floral pieces including large vases and pots, the lovely yacht ornaments designed by John Adams and their infamous 1930s green pottery candelabra. There were some hand painted wall tiles, and their associated drawings which were very interesting, however it would have been great to see more.

It took about 15 minutes to look around, and to be honest I was hoping to see the rarer tableware items like my own Poole Pottery 3 sectioned dish, of which there was little or none on show. Originally produced as an hors d'oeuvres dish, the design was altered for keeping  a family's butter rations during the war:

So the museum wasn't really worth the trip, unless you like the floral Poole pieces from the 1920s-40s. It would have been wonderful to see an extensive range of the Twintone and freeform patterned tableware in all the shapes and sizes that have been produced. From the beautiful Poole early morning breakfast trays (one of which we have just sold in the yay retro! shop):

to the hand painted cruet sets designed by Ruth Pavely :

Next up was a visit to the Poole Shop on the Quay. This sells a wide array of goods including jewellery, biscuits and all manner of bits and bobs. To see the Poole Pottery on sale you need to head to the back of the store. Here you will find the contemporary modern Poole Pottery we mentioned earlier. However, on the back wall are glass cases full of vintage Poole Pottery for sale from individual sellers. There is an array of shapes and styles, making this more like the museum I'd imagined - yay! I didn't spot everything we have found for the yay retro! shop such as the 'Falling Leaves' set we have in, but it was all rather wonderful as there was so much to see!

I was able to spot a few of the rarer pieces which I have only ever seen on the internet and in books. There is also stacks and stacks of 1960-70s tableware for sale, it is odd as nothing is labelled as vintage so many people may not realise that it is. The pricing on these cups, saucers, plates, preserve pots and serving dishes is eye wateringly high, so I just looked and savoured seeing everything on display, rather pleased that I am able to sell Poole Pottery in the yay retro! shop at really affordable prices.

...above a lovely ice green and mushroom coffee set available in the yay retro! shop now- Poole Pottery is just so collectable that once you start it is hard to stop! Mixing and matching colours works well as many of the shades are pastel in tone including pink, blue and green. One collector who buys from me collects red indian and magnolia alongside Poole's Black Pebble which also looks great together:

Thinking of popping down to see Poole Pottery in Poole? My recommendation would be to visit the Poole Shop, viewing the items in stock as you might a museum, then heading over to the museum to see some of the earlier pieces if you are into the flowery pieces Poole created.

Take a look at the Poole Pottery yay retro! have for sale now - new stock regularly added!
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