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Vintage Glass Jugs for Pimms and Lemonade

In all of this hot weather, are you on the search for vintage glass jugs, idea for Pimms and homemade lemonade? Maybe your elderflower cordial needs a nice bit of retroness to set it off?

yay retro! have a nice stock of vintage glassware perfect for all of your Summer drinks including a chic large 1950s glass jug decorated in oranges and grapes, this has a gold rim and is very fine - perfect for when you wish to serve cocktails to lots of guests.

Our funky retro French styled glass jug, is also decorated in orange slices> This zingy jug would be fab for lemonade in the garden!


If you are looking for a vintage glass water jug, we think you will love this chunky 50s/60s jug which would also be great for Pimms.

Now all you need is a tray of vintage glasses to serve your drinks...don't worry yay retro! has that sorted too! Take a peek out our lovely red wicker work tray with 6 vintage glasses!

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