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Gorgeous Cakes and Uranium Glassware!

Recently Lucy from supergolden bakes bought one of our gorgeous pieces of Uranium Art Deco Glassware (also known as Vaseline glass).  

Lucy told us she would be using it for a photo shoot for one of her special baking recipes on her baking blog which has beautiful photos, and simply stunning recipes for cakes and baking ideas.  

Well, here is 'our' pot full of dinky macaroons for Lucy's Pistachio cake with raspberry buttercream.

Lucy says the inspiration for the cake came from seeing 'our' glass trinket pot in the yay retro! shop. She could imagine it filled with pretty macaroons, which went onto inspire her to come up with the idea of a cake decorated with macaroons

Who could resist a cake like this? If you would like to find out more about Lucy's amazing bakes, you can follow her blog here
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