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Poole Pottery Twintone Cups and Saucer Styles

Poole Pottery brought out their Twintone range in the 1930s and continued production until the 1970s.

There are two main design styles.

The Streamline cups are shallower and wider in shape, and were in production from the 30s to the 1960s in a wide range of colours and patterns, including ice green and seagull, sky blue and dove grey, red indian and magnolia, Trudiana and Summer Days as well as many others. The Streamline cups came in a large tea cup size, and small demi-tasse for coffee as seen in our photo below.

In the late 1960s the Contour Twintone range was introduced with a taller, narrower tea cup (top left of our montage below).  This cup shape was later used for the Blue Moon, Morroco and Desert Song Poole Pottery ranges.

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