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The joy of vintage recipe books

Here at yay retro! we just love getting hold of vintage recipe books and leaflets, they are absolute gems whether torn off the back of a packet, given away free with a new oven or to promote a product.

What is interesting is the further back you go the less photography is used, instead vibrant illustrations and line drawings show you how to cook, and of course are very reminiscent of that era.

We love this mini Huntley and Palmer biscuit recipe book. It is actually biscuit sized with a greaseproof paper cover. 

Inside are gorgeous 60s illustrations of things to do with a Cornish Biscuit - Brilliant.

This great Lea and Perrins poster style leaflet has the feel of the 70s magazine 'Jackie' in the way the menu ideas have been drawn.

When photography is used it does not have the styled impact of recipe books today, but merely does the job of showing you the food. Printing quality is often low so that the colour and finish of the photos lack the feel good factor of recipe books today.

What we particularly love are the hand-written comments and notes the previous owners of the books leave behind, underlining their failures and triumphs and giving out no nonsense cooking tips :O)

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