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Beautiful Poole Streamline Teapots

In our opinion there is absolutely nothing like a Poole Pottery Streamline teapot! Designed in the 30s, these pots are the epitome of curvy stylish design! Simple and chic we love the matte glaze which feels to smooth to the touch....

Although designed over 78 years ago, these teapots still feel fresh and modern today in their pastel colours which include pink/peach, blue and green with seagull - a mottled grey, and ice green with mushroom (a warm pink glaze). 

Early designs had a different flattened knop / knob on the lid like the one above.

We adore the way the spout is formed and the way it comes out from the body of the pot with straight lines at the base, for some reason this makes us think of the bonnet of a 1930s racing car?!

Just after the war Poole brought out the dynamic red indian and magnolia colourway, this is now highly sought after, since it was not made for a long period of time.

The marvellous thing about Poole Pottery is that in the main it does not craze. So even pieces from the 1930s to 1950s can appear as new.

Other gorgeous teapots which collectors look out for are Poole's pretty patterned Streamline pots designed by Ruth Pavely in 1957  including 'Falling Leaves', which has a sepia brown lid and Autumn leaf designs...

...and 'Summer Days' which has a lovely summery flower pattern.

Click on any of the photos to take a look at the items discussed, or click here to view our current range of Poole Pottery.
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