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Vintage Cheese & Butter Dishes in stock

Vintage Cheese and Butter Dishes are very popular in the yay retro! shop and are snapped up quickly. With the advent of spreadable margarine in the 70s butter went out of favour for a while, however many people have now gone back to butter as a more natural source of fat. Happily yay retro! have a gorgeous range of retro butter dishes, and are always looking out for more.  

We don't actually use a lot of butter in the yay retro! household. However we do eat a lot of cheese. Obviously we use a vintage cheese dish, and ours is from the 1950s Poole Pottery (like the one bottom left in the photo). What we've noticed is that the cheese stays fresher for longer in a ceramic dish, so a cheese dish is a good investment, especially as you'll no longer have to use wasteful polythene bags or struggle with resealable packets!

If you fancy have a look at our vintage cheese/butter dishes click here, currently we have Poole Pottery, Beswick, Carltonware and a fab 1930/40s model, as well as some nifty 70s cheese boards!

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