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Pyrex Recipe

Having spent years using a slow cooker to cook casseroles and the tougher joints of meat, I've recently converted to vintage Pyrex and what a joy this has proved to be! 

Meat it seems, is far tastier cooked in the oven in a lidded dish the old fashioned way! Recently on one of the cooler Summers days we've been having I cooked some lamb in a red wine and mint stock and it was simply delicious!

See below for my easy to follow recipe, and let me know if you have a try :O) You can check out our current Pyrex collection by clicking on the photo. New stock coming in as and when we find lovely items xxx

Spring Lamb Casserole Recipe:

3 leg of lamb chops (fat removed)
1 onion chopped
at least 1/4pt red wine
1 oxo stock cube in 3/4 pint boiling water
plenty of fresh mint leaves (whole)
salt & pepper

Brown the meat and onions in a pan, and then add to the Pyrex dish with the mint. Add the wine with the stock to cover the meat, season.

Pop the lid onto your casserole dish, and place in the oven at 120c fan oven for 2-4 hours. Basting the meat and topping up the stock if necessary.

Serve with french beans and new potatoes xx

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