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Adorable Mice in Cups...

During my wanderings through Facebook-land I often come across amazingly talented people, and one of these is Kirsten from Leeds based Quernus Crafts.  

Using Fimo, Kirsten creates miniature sculptures of animals including mice in teacups, guinea pigs in wizard hats, dogs, pigs and even romantic penguins! Her attention to detail is astounding and always brings a chuckle and a smile...just look at the moustachioed mice below! 

We got chatting to Kirsten who mentioned that she was on the look out for a vintage dolls tea set for a mouse project. Happily after a few months we were able to find one, and this is now awaiting the Quernus Crafts treatment - we cannot wait to see the results and will post them here when they are ready!

In the meantime, why not check out Quernus Crafts on Kirsten's website here.

Oh my, there's even a little 'yay' monster!!!

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