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Rainy Day Buys!

First day of rain for quite a while which is actually happy news.... stock room tidy up on the cards today, but before we get cracking here are some great 'Rainy Day Buys' guaranteed to get you smiling!

1. This 1950s vase makes me smile every time I walk past has a cave painting feel which was popular with artists and designers in the 50s.

2. This Baumann Eschenbach enamel jug  just shouts 60s design!  Love it!!!

3. This Washington Check tea set is simply cup shaped happiness

4. Lord Nelson Gaytime - always fun, always smiley!

5. Staffordshire Pottery is always wonderful, but when it's a rare design and in fabulous condition? Its Perfection!

6. This Woods flirty teapot is a brilliant way to jolly up a grey day! 

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