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Vintage China Soars Away!

yay retro! will not sell a chipped plate to any of our customers who trust us to find the highest quality vintage china. So, what happens to the chipped, cracked or badly crazed china that yay retro! find?  A chance meeting online with mosaic artist Fiona from Box of Frogs means that absolutely nothing is wasted!   

Here at yay retro! we are very particular about what we sell, if a piece of china we find is damaged and cannot be used, we put it to one side for people like Fiona who can transform it into something new. We have featured Fiona's work on our blog before, and now that we have begun collecting a flock of her marvellous birds for our lounge, we thought we would show you more of her stunning artwork. Recently we sent our third box of broken china off to Box of Frogs, and here are the amazing results! 

Above is a gorgeous yellow floral bird, made from a cracked cup from a fine bone china teaset we found recently. Look how the pattern has been carefully extracted from the original cup and rearranged to form an intricate design suggesting the birds wing. Our set of this gorgeous 70s Royal Grafton teaset is in the shop for sale, and of course all of the set which includes a lovely cake plate, is in truly Excellent condition with no chips, cracks or crazing at all! 

It was so sad when we found a pretty cup like the one above was broken, however it has found a new lease of life as a white dove in Fiona's hands!  Look at the teeny leaves which have been carefully extracted from the pattern to form the feathers on the birds tail. Happily we have a beautiful cup, saucer and tea plate in this pattern in the shop in absolutely perfect condition here.

When we realised one of the plates in the Pontesa tea set was not at all up to standard, we removed it from the set leaving the remaining items for sale in Excellent condition. The plate has now metamorphosed into this stunning summery orange bird, which would grace any home! To order a bird of your own you can contact Fiona on her website here.

All of the china in the yay retro! shop is vintage, and has been carefully washed, checked and described. We only sell the best china we find from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s so you can safely order knowing everything you receive from us will be just what you are looking for ....The rest soars away to be upcycled into gorgeous pieces of art :O)

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