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'Wear' your tea cup with Style!

Recently yay retro! found the work of Knopf Designs, a fab jewellery design company run by Anja.  Using broken china pieces, Anja creates gorgeously wearable jewellery which has a 'found object', archaeological feel. The broken ceramics are smoothed, with the fragmented shapes dictating their new purpose , be it a necklace, bracelet or ring:

"I would like the wearer to wonder at the previous life of the shards of ceramics used in these items. We all like a second chances"

Many will recognise the 1960s and 70s china patterns in these designs: 

Anja was born in West Germany and spent most of her early childhood travelling  around the Middle East with her parents before settling in the UK.  Her interest in pattern, gold, silver, and decorative items with all their histories, seems to have stemmed from this time travelling.

After Studying  Wildlife Illustration  at Dyfed College of Art , Wales,   Anja returned to Lincolnshire,  to work as a Community Engagement Officer for Cultural Services, based in a Medieval Manor House and at The Collection in Lincoln - her interests in Art and History combined, and no doubt again inspired Anja's jewellery design. You can find Knopf Design on Facebook, and peruse her jewellery in person at Black Swan Arts in Frome, Somerset.

We have shown Knopf Design's work alongside some of the vintage china we have in stock at yay retro! right now :O)

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