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Fine Bone China Funky Tea Sets

When I think of fine bone china, often more formal makers such as Wedgewood come to mind. However, there were a lot of very funky designs being used on bone china in the 60s and 70s, including abstract patterns and psychedelic florals. These are the collectors pieces of the coming years, and would make fabulous gifts due their quality.

Here is a lovely example from Royal Grafton noted for their fine bone china - this in the yay retro! shop right now. This very cheerful yellow flowery 60s/70s tea service would be a great feature in any retro home and bring a ray of sunshine all year round.

Ridgway describe their china as being Pure Bone...We adore this funky blue tea set... The pattern is called Amanda and consists of turquoise & purple flowers with green leaves. Very 60s/70s and ready to buy now:

The gaily decorated fine bone china set below has bright jade green and turquoise flowers on prettily shaped cups, the maker is a mystery, however we do know they were made in England! The daisy shapes are quite Scandinavian in design.

Makers Elizabethan are very popular and have created some stunning ranges including their 60s designs Pop, Chelsea, Carnaby and Portobello. Highly sought after, these designs appear on the finest quality china. Below we have the Carnaby pattern in happy orange tones :O)

Elizabethan also created more abstract patterns such as the rarely seen Carribbean design. This has diamond and triangle shapes in 50s primary colours black, red, green, blue and yellow.

Keeping on the abstract theme, this gorgeous bone china set from Royal Vale has a more chic approach to it's abstract patterning.  It is both classy and funky with a stylish petrol, sky blue and lime green design.

If you would like to take a look at more of the vintage bone china at yay retro! why not click here :O)

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