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Why stop at Storage Jars for Storage?!

We all think vegetable racks, wicker baskets, storage and spice jars for keeping things in the kitchen. But how about this novel idea from Rachel of Rainbow Vintage a vintage enamel saucepan to keep your vegetables in!

Rachel runs a great business selling 60s & 70s vintage fabrics, so we can see why she was attracted to the design on this saucepan!

This whole idea has set us thinking, what other items in the yay retro! shop could be randomly used for storage? Picnic baskets, well thats quite an obvious one...Lidded Casseroles and Serving Dishes would also be handy for veg, whilst teapots, are a pretty cool idea for loose change, keys and other bits you can never otherwise find!

Why not have a wander around yay retro! now?

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