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Why yay retro! use recycled packaging :O)

Here at yay retro! we believe in protecting our trees, and in using the least amount of plastics that we can so that less harmful waste is put into landfill. 

How do we achieve this, when we need to pack everything safely? 

We always use as much recycled packaging as we can -  By reusing newspapers and boxes that our friends and local businesses collect for us we help save our woodlands.  

When it comes to plastics a lovely local design company saves all their clean 'waste' bubble wrap and polystyrene chips, so that we can reuse it.

When packing we use plenty of these materials to ensure that your vintage china and glassware arrives with you safely. This means that when you unwrap your yay retro! parcel you can be sure that we have recycled most of what you see.

Here's another great reason to recycle - one of my lovely granddaughters enjoying my garden a few years ago :O)

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