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Keele Street Pottery Mugs

These fab mugs are from the Keele St Pottery which operated from 1915 to 1949. In 1950, it was named The Staffordshire Potteries who create much of the 60s and 70s tableware so in demand today.

These dinky mugs have the Indus pattern which is very reminiscent of 1950s artwork, so perhaps these were created in the late 40s? On the other hand, the design has the appearance of being printed on with some kind of sack like textured fabric, so that they almost look collaged. Maybe then, this was something to do with the Arts and Crafts movement so influential from the 1910's to 30s?

Intriguing and certainly very desirable! They are in the yay retro! shop right now, simply click on the photo to view or buy.

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