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Are you (like me) a jugoholic?  I've been collecting jugs since the early 1980s, and have them dotted everywhere, from a custard coloured Woods Jasmine Jug - perfect for...well... custard, to several pale blue handmade ones from local potteries.

Of course my collection includes pretty Poole Pottery jugs from the 1950s in peach, ice green and sky blue - love the spouts on these! I have a TG Green blue and white striped cream jug and a rather nifty jug with a juicer on the top, the list goes on. they range from useful to just being lovely to look at.

Recently on our travels we found this lovely large sized Saffron Jug from Hornsea. Tis in the yay retro! shop now, why not take a look at the various jugs we have on sale at the moment? Click on the photo to view.

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