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China Patterns of the 60s and 70s

What we love about 60s and 70s china is the fabulous range of bright, colourful patterns - quite unlike anything we see today (unless you think of designers who emulate this era's tableware.) Gorgeous florals from Staffordshire Potteries to Scandinavian Figgjo Flint give us a really celebratory, cheerful feel, bringing warmth and a smile to your kitchen!


Designs such as those from Kathie Winkle are so 'now' that many people so not even realise that nearly everything for sale at yay retro! is over 40 years old!  Even the non-floral patterns are stunning, take the pattern from Lord Nelson in the centre here which has the feel of 50s abstract expressionist paintings - so interesting to look at you could use it as an ornament outside of the kitchen or dining room! 

Click on any of the images to have a wander around yay retro! now - let us know what you think about the patterns you find by leaving a comment - which are your favourites? 
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