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Vintage Gaydon Melamine for Caravanning & Camping

Loved the BBC Four TV programme 'Caravans: A British Love Affair' last night, particularly as they focussed on the Sprite, which is what my M&D had, and the fact that back in the day people could pitch up pretty much anywhere they fancied!

We often talk about how the 60s Gaydon Melamine yay retro! stock is perfect for camper vans, but we hardly ever mention caravanners! Sorry about that - All of these vintage goodies are ideal for caravanners and campers too!

Design classics which are lightweight and virtually unbreakable, Gaydon's cups, saucers, plates and bowls are the ideal thing to take away on holiday. It must be said though, they are also fantastic for use in the home - the place for which they were originally invented. I always have my mid morning coffee in a lemon yellow Gaydon cup.

Aside from Gaydon - how about this fab plastic and chrome jam pot? This looks to be 30s in style, but is probably from the 50s. Very lightweight and pretty - so again a great find for caravanners and campers.

Within the melamine range there are also accessories like jugs, sugar bowls and cruet sets...we are always on the look out for more, so if the colour you want isn't in right now, always pop back!

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