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Live the Good Life with Vintage Kitchenware

Recently we caught a great documentary on BBC TV about The Good Life, starring Richard Briers, Felicity Kendall, Penelope Keith and Paul Eddington. It was fun spotting different 70s kitchen ware on screen, along with the lovely fashions such as the floral Laura Ashley dresses worn by Barbara, and stunning nylon creations worn by Margo! 

This fabulous sitcom was on in the mid 70s and really captured the spirit of self sufficiency and living an alternative life style which was taking hold at the time. Tom and Barbara Good dug their garden over to become an allotment and had chickens and pigs in the middle of suburbia!

Back then, the whole hippyish way of living was beginning to appeal to a wide audience, who possibly dreamt of getting away from it all...At the time, Britain was in the grip of strikes and general doom and gloom, according the the BBC 'Britain asked the International Monetary Fund for a £2.3bn bail out in 1976, saying unemployment and inflation were at exceptional levels'. There were even power cuts across the country and because of this, a 3 day week. People had to go shopping by candlelight and make do by cooking with camping stoves. I can remember my Mum boiling the kettle by the fire, and us making toast in the flames by candlelight.

In many ways the feeling then, was similar to now, with the current financial crisis and uncertainty. People began to feel they needed to take control of part of their lives by growing their own. Knitting, sewing and crafting also became exceptionally popular. Is the current financial crisis why buying vintage home wares from the 50s, 60s and 70s are making a come back? Buying vintage is mostly cheaper than buying new, and ties into the whole idea of up-cycling, recycling and 'waste not want not' a campaign launched in war time. 

Whatever the reason, The Good Life continues to strike a chord and it would be great if the BBC were to re-show the entire series again. Or how about if they remade it and set it in 2013? Who would make a good Tom, Barbara, Margo and Jerry? Do leave a comment :O)
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