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25 of the Best uses for Vintage China!

1. Give a vintage cup and saucer as a gift filled with sweets

2. Use vintage serving dishes to store important documents and keys (think ladies version of a man drawer!)

3. Proposing to your retro girlfriend? Why not hide your ring inside a vintage cup?

4. Use vintage cups and saucers to grow herbs or cress on your windowsill

5. Serving Dishes make fab Fruit Bowls!

6. Pop some gravel into the base of a jug, top up will soil and plant mini daffodils, narcissus or alpine flowers for your garden

7. Frame Vintage table mats on the wall as funky pictures (oops - these are not china - oh well ;o)

8. Store anything from pate to butter in vintage cheese dishes

9. Use vintage cups and saucers as pen and paperclip holders on your desk

10. Show off a vintage jug by using it as a vase for wildflowers

11. Dinky retro espresso cups and saucers make fab dolls teasets

12. Vintage melamine cups, saucers and plates are a great idea for childrens meal times – virtually unbreakable!

13. Hang earrings over the edge of a vintage cup and saucer to keep them tidy, and make it easier to find a matching pair!

14. Use vintage egg cups to display decorative ornamental eggs

15. Store jewellery in vintage sugar bowls

16. Use vintage vases and storage jars as kitchen utensil holders

17. Use retro coffee pots as ornaments to jazz up dull windowsills and shelves all over the house

18. Use vintage cups and saucers to serve desserts such as mini tiramisu and trifles - these really do have the wow factor!

19. Use vintage nibbles trays to store buttons and sewing and crafting bits and bobs

20. Vintage serving dishes make great ornaments all over the house - try one on the sideboard in the lounge!

21. Vintage trays make great splash backs on your worktops keeping your walls clean!

22. Use vintage salt and pepper pots to sprinkle glitter when crafting

23. Smash vintage china up to use in mosaic artworks

24. Hang vintage cooking utensils on your walls or shelves as ornaments

25. Give  a vintage tea set as a christening or naming day gift – these are the antiques of the not too distant future, and are also very useful and memorable when baby is grown up.

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