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Why buy New when you can buy Vintage?

A few years back we bought 'vintage style' cups and saucers, like the one of the left from Marks and Spencers. Happily we later found the real thing with a set of real vintage cups and saucers from Poole Pottery c1960's, below on the right...and the rest is history - yay retro! was born :O)

Once the quality of retro tea sets is appreciated there is no going back! Great design, lovely quality, a sense of time and history, and the feeling that it is a real treat to use and look after it. All this and the price for vintage is either equal to new or lower!

Why buy new, when you can buy vintage?

Why not take a look around the yay retro! shop now? Or click on the image to look at our range of Poole Pottery.

new cups and saucers vs retro vintage tea sets yay retro online shop

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