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Wonderful Worcesterware

This month we've begun to get a bit of thing for Worcester ware, I don't know why it took us so long to fall in love!

 I've treated myself to a Sea Dreams teapot stand for my birthday (photos to follow), and right now in in the yay retro! shop we have some very pretty floral coasters and Parisian scene table mats. Both of these are metal fronted and cork backed. We understand they are from the 1960s and many people can probably remember their parents and grandparents proudly using these in their home bars or at dinner parties.

There is something wonderful about the quality of the illustrations on these mats, which are very evocative of 1950s Paris. Each would be lovely framed, let along used on the table!

We also have a fabulous Worcester ware waste paper bin in stock at the moment, with an owl design, it is very **now** and would make a wonderful present, or talking point in a home or studio.  This has very cute and startled owlet  on it, sitting in amongst a lush green leafy oak tree :o) 

Come back soon for photos of my Sea Dreams teapot stand!
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