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Pass the Gravy with yay retro!

People seem to love vintage gravy boats, whenever we get them in stock them do seem to fly back out of the shop quite quickly :O) Right now we have a very pretty spring-like 70s design called Susan by Johnson Bros, and a Taunton Vale herb design in stock. We also have a set of Sadler jugs and a cruet which would be perfect for a vintage dinner table.

How do you make your gravy? My Mum swears by Bisto Powder, and mixes this with the vegetable water. I am rather lazy and use gravy granules and the veggie water, though I do worry about the salt content doing it this way. There is of course Oxo cubes and cornflour, which I think could have been my Nan's option. 

Why not leave your favourite gravy recipe as a comment on our blog?
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