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yay retro! chat to Lucy King Designs

Recently on a web search looking to identify a Meakin coffee pot , we came across  Lucy King Design a fabulous surface pattern designer based in Australia. Lucy designs for various product platforms, including ceramic tableware, textiles, bed linen, interior furnishings, as well as hand-painted illustration and children’s designs.

She says that she likes to work with traditional art forms such as drawing and hand-painting in watercolour, as well as computer illustrations, and often combines both mediums in her work which can be seen below:

Lucy grew up in England, in a very small village in Northamptonshire. After completing a
degree in Textile Design at Derby University, followed by a Masters Degree in Ceramic Design at
the heart of the pottery industry in Stoke-on-Trent, she was approached to join the Wedgwood Design Studio, and it was there that she developed a passion for vintage and retro ceramics like these J&G Meakin Studio pieces:

Lucy moved to Australia in 2002 and settled in Melbourne for 10 years, recently  she has ‘escaped to
the country’ and now lives in a small town which has a great artistic community.

The illustrations shown here are of her own collection of vintage and retro ceramic tableware and ‘kitchenalia’. These were featured in Frankie magazine, and Lucy tells us "it was amazing to see my illustrations of my little collection of tableware in print in a magazine!" (click on the image to take a peek!)

Lucy says, "I LOVE, I mean really, really LOVE to collect vintage china! It’s become a bit of an addiction - but quite a harmless addiction I think! I love to collect china plates, tea cups & saucers, jugs and coffee pots and teapots etc. Some of my collection I use in my house for my own use, some items are turned into over-scaled pieces of jewellery, and some pieces I just like to have on a shelf and admire. I get great pleasure and inspiration from having these little ceramic beauties hanging around the house!"

When collecting, Lucy is driven by colour and pattern. She likes to mix and match patterns, and admire all the different colours, shapes and designs of the old-fashioned ceramics – anything from sweet English florals, to bold geometric retro patterns, or a simple polka-dot. She is always looking for something ‘new’ to add to her eclectic collection!

There are a few things Lucy has her beady eye on at yay retro! She says she loves the
Elizabethan ‘Caribbean’ Teaset (above) – having never seen anything like this before, the patterns
are amazing. Also like the Kathie Winkle ‘Renaissance’ Trios, and the green Johnson Bros Vintage Trios. Very cute! She also thinks the ‘Checkmate’ coffee set is fabulous – and says its a shame this has sold already!

If you would like to visit Lucy King Design's Shop, simply click here, and click the images of Lucy's work above to visit her website and blog :O 
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