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Collecting Poole Pottery Preserve Pots

Collecting Poole Pottery Preserve Pots is a great way to get into vintage china. There is a vast array of colour ways and designs and it is a cost effective hobby as the pots are normally nicely priced. The other great thing about these dinky pots is that they do not take up too much shelf room, they are useful....and of course they are very, very cute!

Right at the start of Poole Pottery, it was called Carter, Stabler and Adams. Pottery designs were very flowery or featured birds. We don't have any of those to show you, because it is an era relating to Poole which doesn't interest us - sorry! We prefer the minimalist lines of the later Poole designs which focus more on shape and colour.

These came in from around 1935 in Poole's Streamline range of pottery. The Streamline shapes are our personal favourites, understated, chic and curvy, there are at lots of different pot variations from this range which was in production until the 60s. In the photo (L-R) we have shown a range of Twintone pots - an ice green and seagull round pot, ice green and seagull & sky blue and dove grey straight pots with pointed lids, and a peach bloom and seagull round pot. Notice the round pots have  different shaped handles - look out for the older straight pots which have these lids too.

In 1964 designer Robert Jefferson brought out a new range of pots for Poole called Bokhara. These normally have radically different shapes than the Streamline pots. Though we have found one in the Bokhara design, which is a Streamline shape - perhaps a trial piece? (see centre image above.) This is in Quaker grey and Salmon pink. Anomalys such as this is what make collecting Poole pots interesting.

The Bokhara range included tall pots with elongated lids with simple blue striped Sgraffito patterns, wide based squat preserve jars and also butter boxes - we've show a butter box (above) which has a flat lid and the same hand painted pattern as the small pot in lime green and grey. Hand painted pots are wonderful to collect, as they are all hand signed by the paintress. If you want to find out lots more about Poole Pottery and their designs have a read of Poole Twintone and Tableware by Anne Wilkinson - an invaluable resource.

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