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We **LoVe** Kathie Winkle Plates

These Kathie Winkle plates were found on a recent hunt in Hampshire...the pattern is called 'Olympus' and they are in brilliant condition (not at all crazed as Broadhurst so often are).

James Broadhurst & Sons employed Kathie Winkle as paintress in 1950, by 1958 she was creating her own designs. it wasn't long before she was creating all of Broadhurst’s pattern designs, and this continued until the mid 1970s.

During her time as a designer Kathie Winkle produced over 100 patterns! The temptation is to collect them all!

Apparently there are some boxed sets of ‘Kathie Winkle’ designs on pottery, complete with matching table linen which were made in the late 50s and 1960s - we'll have to keep an eye out for them. Kathie Winkle retired in 1992.

Her name appears on the backstamp from 1964 and became the registered trademark for Broadhursts’ tableware.

In 1984 James Broadhurst & Sons Ltd became Churchill Tableware Ltd.
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