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yay retro! talk Glampervanning with Castle Coast Campers

yay retro! have been talking Glampervanning with Castle Coast Campers from The North of England who hire out Henry a classic vintage VW T2 camper for holidays and short breaks. 

Castle Coast Campers is run by Kathryn and her family, they are based in the small village of Hart in County Durham, perfectly placed for starting a VW adventure along the Castle Coast of Durham and Northumberland, or further afield. 

Back in 2008, Kathryn was seriously ill and not expected to live... as soon as she got out of hospital she and her hubby John organised their wedding in just 10 weeks flat, hiring a classic Splitty, Bay and a Karmann Beetle as the wedding transport (from the legendary Lovedubcars). By the end of their wedding day in March 2009 they knew they wanted to share the 'VW smile' with as many people as possible, so started to look into what business opportunities would fund a Campervan and the idea for Castle Coast Campers was born!

It took until 2011 to buy their first Campervan, and after 12 months of painstaking restoration and upgrading, Henry a 1973 VW T2 Westfalia Continental, emerged in 2012 and is now 'top of the range' again, as he was in '73!

This year is Henry's 40th birthday so they are planning to throw him a retro birthday party - lots of jelly and ice cream and things on cocktail sticks! Henry is also about to become famous - he has been chosen to star in the advertising campaign for the North York Moors National Park with filming starting any day now! WOW!

Kathryn, John and family tell us they have some lovely retro china and have inherited a vintage picnic set which came from Harrods (allegedly!) which they love to use. Henry has a lovely modern set of plates, bowls and mugs in a Union Jack pattern to match his specially made Union Jack poptop, however, they are busy planning the restoration of Castle Coast Camper No 2 (and arguing over a name!) who will have vintage melamine sourced from the experts at yay retro! of course!

Kathryn really likes the blue Twintone Milk Jug & Sugar Bowl, but says the Pale Blue Gaydon Trios are just everything that is great in retro - simple classic lines and beautiful solid colour, they just shout picnics, seaside, fun and campervans!!! Kathryn says she is, "glad we don't run yay retro!, it would be so difficult to sell things and let other people have them!"

For more information on the classic VW Camper holiday experience, check out The Castle Coast Campers Facebook page or their website here.

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