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How giving Vintage presents will make you popular!!!

We've all been stumped when it comes to buying birthday presents...what to give your friend who is turning 40? How to mark a 50th birthday bash and a 60th celebration? 

We've all been to parties where the present table is laden with Orchid plants and bottles of bubbly, all very nice, but a tad boring perhaps?

So why not give a wonderful vintage gift instead? Your friend who is turning 40, would have been born in 1973 - the height of hippy chic and psychedelic florals! A pressie from yay retro! is bound to be a hit!

Your mate who is 50 was born in the swinging sixties...what better than a piece of classic 60s design for their home?

Anyone turning 60 this year was born in 1953 when rosy florals were 'the big thing'

yay retro! have made it even easier by labelling items in our shop which we think are 'perfect gifts', why not go present shopping at yay retro! now...your birthday gift is bound to make you popular! Try it and see ;o)

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